down01How I Train

Puppy Classes use Treat Training, which is a popular technique where the dog is rewarded with treats for correct behaviour.

The Advanced Class uses a combined approach of positive reinforcement and treat training, leash corrections and mild physical touch, as well as remote corrections where there is no physical contact. We work up to the dogs being able to hold positions– at long distances– for an indefinite amount of time, while distractions tempt their urge to move. Also, learn a “come” command that they will respond to every time!

Training (with the exception of private in-home visits) is done mostly outdoors, where many dogs are most tempted to disobey. Training your dog in your home may teach the dog to behave at home, but once you take them outside, they are back to their wild self. Training your dog outdoors gives you more opportunity to work with natural distractions (such as shadows, animals, plants, and noises), as well as getting to practice commands on different terrain.